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Channel networks are available all around the world; likewise, in this article, we are going to discuss one of the best services called DirecTV. As a most preferred network, DirecTV is America’s best multichannel video games, including a programming distributor since 1994. With the YES channel, you can catch up with all your favorite games on your tab, computer, phone, or television. And it is available to all the customers who participate on any television provider. The article, YES Channel on DirecTV, tries to collect more information about them.

YES Channel on DirecTV

Being one of the most comprehensive networks, the YES Network prided itself on being in the platform of the sports industry and got its own fan base.

The YES Network is a widely used channel for sports and is well known for providing quality sports content that is reliable and consistent.

Whenever you want to watch any of your favorite teams playing the battle, then you can directly tune into YES Network. The network works well in covering live sports of the New York Yankees games.

And this is the channel that gives you the best regional sports programs, and it is already accessible in millions of households in the United States. YES, Channel and DirecTV are the best combinations to stream all the sports content shortly. Want to know more about YES Channel on DirecTV? Read all the discussed sections below.

DirecTV Stream Subscription

The DirecTV subscription offers 4 packages the DirecTV Entertainment Package, DirecTV Choice Package, DirecTV Ultimate Package, and finally, DirecTV Premier Package.

DirecTV Entertainment>> Costs $64 monthly with additional taxes fees for the first year. Where it offers more than 165 plus channels and 60 plus HD channels, compare the full channel lineup by visiting the official page of DirecTV subscription page.

DirecTV Choice Package>> It costs $69 per month for the first year with a limited-time offer. It gives you more than 200 channels and 85+ HD channels; you can also enjoy more than 50,000 on-demand titles simultaneously.

DirecTV Ultimate Package>> This package is for $89 monthly for a limited time offering more than 270 channels and 155 HD channels. And also allow the subscribers to get 60,000 on-demand titles.

DirecTV Premier Package>> The final best and most expensive package is premier, where you can get them for $139 with affordable 340+ channels and 185plus HD quality channels. With this, start enjoying 80,000 on-demand titles.

Subscribe to any of the above packages to watch YES Channel on DirecTV.

What Channel is the YES Channel on DirecTV?

YES, Networks is worth watching sports programming in high quality that is long enough to keep in touch. You know what? It is one of the best, highly sought-after regional sports among the other New York channels.

And this network is available on quality services such as DirecTV and so on. Luckily all DirecTV subscribers can now enjoy all the sports programs from the YES channel. In fact, most people might be suffering to find what Channel is the YES Channel on DirecTV service. And this section will say the channel code to stream all the sports programs from the YES channel.

Streaming service>> DirecTV Stream

Channel Lable                         Channel code

YES Network                                 631

Popular Shows of YES Channel on DirecTV

In addition to sports content, the service also provides some popular shows and original programs. And here is the list of top shows from this regional sports network.

Yankeeography: The Yankees give you presenting good shows even for other teams, and this is the reason why Yankee still remains producing popular shows on YES Networks. It mainly focuses on the iconic baseball team and tells you the story of that particular team, players, coaches, and managers.

Yankees Classics: The series brings out the life history of the Yankees and creates a real story of the team players and special moments appearing in baseball. Hence the series provides you with all the happy moments made in the history of the Yankees.

CenterStage: CenterStage release you weekly programs that are being hosted by Michael Kay. Every week it brings out new topics and ranges from sports to current affairs.

Forbes SportsMoney: The show showcases trending glimpses, talks about top players in the industry, and also gathers both the athletes and celebrities together to discuss the sports.

The Joe Girardi Show: He is the present manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, who is a great leader and also has a consistent in the past. In this show, he will be sharing all his thoughts on improving the team and its performance. Those are the popular shows on YES Channel on DirecTV.

The End

YES Network has numerous worth-watching original programs and shows. In the New York metropolitan area, this one is a regional sports network that telecasts all interesting sports content. I hope the above article YES Channel on DirecTV gave you all the essential details.

The official URL for this IPTV service is