What Channel is Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview? |2022|

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Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview: In this technological world, we have many TV channels and streaming services to watch our favourite sports, movies, etc. But rare to find a free streaming platform. Sports seasons are going on, and if you are using Sky Sports to watch content and need to stream free of cost, check this article to know service details.

Initially, know about the service and the features to know worth obtaining the service on your device. Then, on the following topic, you can refer to the Channel code of Sky Sports Box on Freeview platform.

About Sky Sports Box Office:

Sky Group (Comcast) owns the Sky Sports Box Office. Sky Box Office has three sections of brand named Sky Sports Box Office, Sky 3D Box Office, and Sky Cinema Box Office. Sky Sports Box Office is the PPV system ( Pay Per View ) running in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Ireland. 

Sky Sports Box Office

You can watch Live Fight matches from the choosed Box Office events. Not only Fight events, but also you can watch Boxing, Rugby, Football, Soccer, Cricket, Football, Racing, Tennis, F1, etc.

It allows you to stream Live events on Smartphones, Tablets, iPad, Android, Now Smart Stick, Now Box, iPhones, Desktop PC, or Mac. The PPV system is only for sports lovers who want to stream their favourite sports separately, and they can only pay for that event.

About Freeview:

Freeview is the one and only Digital Terrene Television Platform in the United Kingdom. And the DTV service operates the Freeview service along with the combined venture linking the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, and Sky. It enfolds all the areas of the United Kingdom and supplies service through Aerial to the seven DTT Multiplexes.


It has more than 85 TV Channels, One Interactive Channel, Six Text services, 10 HD Channels, and 11 Streamed Channels on its platform. Also, it provides SD TV and HDTV called Freeview HD. You can record the content through the DVR feature. Record cut shows as a single program. Let us get into the content of What Channel is Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview.

Also, the Freeview service has a mobile app, and you can download it on your Android Phones, iPhones, or Smart TVs. The critical benefit is watching all content  Free of Cost. 

What Channel is Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview?

Do not wonder about What Channel is Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview. You can refer to the answer to this question in this section.

Streaming Service Channel Name Airing On
Freeview Sky Sports Box Office 11 / 14


On 11 or 14 channel code, you can watch the Sky Sports Box Office events and enjoy watching the PPV (Pay Per View) events. Also, watch all current events on Sky Sports Box Office on the Freeview service. Watching Sky Sports on Freeview provides a fantastic streaming experience. If you are looking for the same features and the content quality, try BT Sports on Freeview with its subscription.

Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview Highlights:

By obtaining the Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview service, you can get these given features.

  • Stream all your beloved channels in one place.
  • Watch 95% of Nation’s Favourite TV. 

Features for Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview



  • Best Search Engine Guidelines.

Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview Search



  • More than 700 Boxsets on Freeview.

Boxsts of Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview



  • Free Streaming TV for 40,000 hours of On-Demand.

Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview DVR



  • Increase with Streaming Service Subscription.

Top up with Freeview



  • Download the Freeview app on Android and iOS.
  • Stream Best shows from BBC, ITV, Player, UKTV Play, ITV Hub, My5, and All4 Channel.
  • Watch New releases and trending content.
  • Get 85 Channels, 26 Digital Radio Channels, and 10 HD Channels.

To get all these streaming for free, you need a DVB-T or DVB-T2 Tuner Device to get the free signal.

Sky Sports Box Office Subscription:

Separate streaming of Freeview content is entirely free. But watching PPV events on Sky Sports Box Office, you have to pay for the current event to watch.

PPV Event on Sky Sports Box Office

The Immediate Prior event between JOSHUA 2  vs USYK is updated. Purchase Event for [£26.95]. If you do not stream the match, you can Cancel Before the Event begins. Purchase Payment Accepted on Visa and Mastercard. The Payment is in Pound Sterling only. As Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview to stream sports events, you get the Alibi TV on Freeview to watch your favourite tv channel’s movies, shows, etc.

What are the Technical Requirements?

To watch Sky Sports on Freeview, you have to download the app on your streaming device. They are:

  • Now, Mac, Android, iOS, PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Windows.
  • Broadband Wi-Fi Internet Connection.
  • Use DSL / Cable or Higher.
  • 800 kbps or higher is required.
  • 3 Mbps for your Computer.

You need these requirements to watch Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview. If you have these requirements, you can watch all the events in HD quality.

End Passage:

With is, I conclude this content What Channel is Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview? Watch Sky Sports Box Office on Freeview by getting the PPV event pass on the Website or app. You can also watch Sky Sports Box Office PPV events on the direct Sky Sports platform using Sky ID.

At the end section of this page, you can see the comment box. Drop your queries and doubts about this content in the section.


Can I Cast/Mirror Sky Sports Box Office Events from mobile to TV?

No, Screencasting or Screen Mirroring is supported on the Sky Sports Box Office platform. You can watch on the app downloaded device.

Can I Download Sky Sports and Pay PPV purchases via iOS or Android app?

No, all the payments like PPV events or subscriptions on Sky Sports Box Office are only through sports.skyboxoffice.com.

Purchasing Event via sports.skyboxoffice.com does allow me to stream on Sky or Virgin Box?

No, the Sky Sports and Virgin box platform were not supported each other. If you need to stream it via sky tv or a cable tv provider, you have to book through https://my.sky.com/orderboxoffice/.

The official URL for this IPTV service is https://rokuiptv.com/