What Channel is Lifetime on Spectrum? [Update 2022]

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Want to know how to watch the Lifetime Channel without any cable? You are at the right place. You can watch Lifetime on Spectrum without any cable but with an internet connection. The Lifetime channel is available on the Spectrum TV channel lineup at the TV Select package.

With the Lifetime channel, you can watch Lifetime Original Shows, Movies, Videos, and other top-rated TV shows and series. Some of my favourite shows would be Married at First Sight, Little Women Atlanta, Marrying Millions and more.


The Basic cable channel from Lifetime Entertainment Services is the Lifetime channel. It is a subsidiary of A&E Network, jointly owned by Hearst Communication and The Walt Disney Company. All of its shows will feature women in lead roles.

The latest movies on Lifetime would be House of Chains and The Bad Seed Returns. The latest shows are Married at First Sight, Phrogging: Hider in My House, Sleeping With a Killer, Atlanta Plastic and more other shows.

You can access this channel on cable networks and without cable at streaming service providers. This channel is available on most streaming service subscription packages.

How to Get the Channel Lifetime on Spectrum?


Spectrum is one of the best TV service providers in the United States of America. You can watch the Lifetime channel on Spectrum services if you have subscribed to the Internet+TV packages or the TV Select package. You can also watch the Lifetime Channel on the Spectrum TV app on all its supported devices. To know more about the subscription plans on Spectrum TV, you can refer to the image.

You have to pay for any of the Spectrum TV Select, Silver or Gold packages to access the channels offered by it. If you have subscribed to any of the mentioned subscription plans, you can get the Lifetime channel on any of the Spectrum-supported devices. You may also like Vice on Spectrum.

What is the Channel Number of Lifetime on Spectrum?

After getting Spectrum service at your home with a TV package or installing the Spectrum TV app on any of its supported devices, you can now watch the Lifetime channel on Spectrum TV service at channel number 53. Navigate to this channel number and watch all the shows, movies and originals offered by that channel. You can also get to know the Lifetime Schedule if you go to https://www.mylifetime.com/schedule.

Spectrum Lifetime 53

If you are not able to find the channel in this given channel number, you can try other channel numbers by contacting the Spectrum help centre. Sometimes the channel number of Lifetime on Spectrum changes in accordance with your location. If so, you can get the channel between channel numbers 44 to 96. You may also like Game Show Network on Spectrum.

The End

Chill out with channel number 53 on your Spectrum TV to watch the Lifetime channel. You can watch movies and shows like Grey’s Anatomy, House of Chains, The Bad Seed Returns, etc. You can also watch them at the official site of Lifetime, which is www.mylifetime.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What channel is LMN on Spectrum?

The LMN channel number may change according to your location. Usually, you can find the channel between 44 -96.

Which is the Cheapest TV Package on Spectrum?

The cheapest TV package at Spectrum would be $49.99 per month, Spectrum TV Select package with 125+ channels.

The official URL for this IPTV service is https://rokuiptv.com/