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If you faithful to god and used to go for prayer every week on Friday? Definitely, you love to stream the devotional programs on your device. At the moment in church, we feel that god is around us and gives peace to our minds and soul. Now, god arrives in our digital world. This means all the Almighty God is now spreading peace through television. Yes. You can watch the Church teaching through your television. Learn What Channel is EWTN on Verizon FiOS and then switch to it.

By watching the television at your home, you can get all blessings and peace from our Almighty God. Why I am given the channel number is that many of them used to watch their favorite content through the local cable television provider.

About EWTN Channel:

EWTN is an American popular devotional television channel. All the EWTN channel shows are based on the telecasting of Catholic Church faithful teaching on its channel.

EWTN has a great Network of over 11 Broadcasting Networks, Several Languages, 24/7 Streaming, 145 Countries Reach, and 300 Million Households streaming the EWTN Channel.

Catholic EWTN TV

It provides Movies related to the Faithful and Powerful. And it lets us watch the content in high-quality resolution. Also, the Documentaries and Live News through the Vatican and all over the World. 

The EWTN Catholic television broadcasts the Call-In and Interview Programs, and they Tackle the problems primarily to the viewers. If you have a TV provider at your home like Verizon FiOS, the following section will teach you What Channel is EWTN on Verizon FiOS.

What Channel is EWTN on Verizon FiOS?

On this topic, you can learn What Channel is EWTN on Verizon FiOS. Spread peace and God’s blessings at your home for everyone by watching the EWTN channel on your Verizon FiOS television provider.

TV Provider Channel Name Channel Number
Verizon FiOS EWTN 285

More than 300 Million people watch the EWTN channel, a total of 140 Countries. I think someone will ask you to watch this channel to get a positive vibe. Know What Channel is EWTN on Verizon FiOS, and switch immediately, then stream.

EWTN on Verizon FiOS Subscription?

Before switching to the channel, shift your sight focus to the Subscription of the FiOS television provider. Without the active package, you can not access EWTN or even any local channels on your TV.

1) – Your FiOS TV → $70 / Per Month.

It provides more than 125 channels on the FiOS television provider.

2) – More FiOS TV → $90 / Per Month.

You can watch more than 300 TV Channels with On-Demand content on Verizon on FiOS TV.

3) – The Most FiOS TV → $115 / Per Month.

By getting this subscription package, you can watch up to 425 Channels on Most FiOS TV plans. And you can get a lot of features.

The listed three are the Subscription packages of the Verizon on FiOS television provider. Choose any one plan and stream the EWTN on FiOS. Not only the devotional channel, but also you can watch the add-on tv content of House of Dragon on Fios.

Shows on EWTN on FiOS:

EWTN TV channel had devotional content like shows, news, music, and more. The EWTN television channel broadcasts all the teachings in the church.

  • Mother Angelica,
  • The World Over,
  • Explore,
  • EWTN Bookmark with Doug Keck,
  • EWTN News Nightly: Clear, Concise, Catholic,
  • Women of Grace,
  • The Moral Order of the Tao,
  • Care, Prepare, and Connect,
  • Spread your Wings,
  • Setting Captives Free: Part 2
  • San Giovanni Rotondo,
  • Walsingham – 480 Years.
  • Daily Catholic Mass Daily Readings and Homily,
  • EWTN Pro-Life,

Every Show on the EWTN channel are most devotional, and you can learn more about our Jesus Christ and their life teaching to the peoples. If the show’s name and the grace absorb your attention, scroll above, learn What Channel is EWTN on Verizon FiOS and then watch all the shows on your TV. Hallmark On FiOS channel is providing the television programs, reality shows, and the live telecasting on its platform.

Our Final Notes:

What Channel is EWTN on Verizon FiOS? – 285. EWTN channel is entirely focused on Devotional content and it is available on the FiOS channel lineup. Through this channel, you can learn every teaching of the Catholic church.

You can access this channel worldwide. And it will be telecast over 11 Network Broadcasting. Like the EWTN Television channel, you have many like this on FiOS. To know the channel number and its specification, you can click the Channel section to get the channel number on FiOS or some other television provider.


Can I watch EWTN for Free?

If the EWTN Channel is available on any external streaming service, you can access the EWTN channel during its free trial period. Other than that, you have to pay the subscription to the TV provider or to the streaming service.

How to Watch EWTN TV without cable?

EWTN has its own official streaming service, and it is available on many streaming devices. Download the EWTN app on your Android, iOS device, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, and so on.

The official URL for this IPTV service is https://rokuiptv.com/