What Channel is Eurosport on Virgin Media? |2022 Detailed|

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Everyone has a role model and mentors in their life for motivation to achieve. I am a Sports person, and my role model is Saina Nehwal. Watching Sports is my Hobby. Even now also, I am going to watch Eurosport on Virgin Media. If you are a sports lover, join me and refer to this entire article to know the Channel Number of Eurosport on the Virgin Media platform.

To watch the sports content, Eurosport is the right and the best choice. And Virgin Media supports you most to watch the channel on its platform. From this article, I’ll let you know the channel number of Eurosport on the Virgin Media platform. 

About Eurosport:

Eurosport is a French TV Network popular in the United Kingdom. It gets specially made for streaming Sports Content. And parent organizations of Eurosport are Warner Bros. Discovery and Warner Bros. Discovery EMEA. 


Eurosport Network has several rights over a lot of sports but commonly does not offer high-priced rights like those sports Football Leagues. It gets granted rights to telecast the Olympic Games for most of France, the UK, and Europe.

This television channel is accessible to over 54 Countries and 20 Different Languages. You can watch International Events on the Eurosport channel. To know how to watch  Eurosport on Virgin Media. 

Short Note of Virgin Media:

Virgin Media O2 is the owner and operator of Virgin Media. Virgin Media is the Telecommunication Company of British on the United Kingdom. 

Virgin Media

And it had Telphone, Broadband Service, and Television. The most popular service in Virgin Media is the cable television service in the UK. And it was a paid-streaming platform. Virgin Media is the largest TV provider to stream Video-On-Demand. 

It has over 300 Digital TV Channels and Radio Channels. Along with the combination of Subscription, PPV Channels, and Premium Subscriptions. It allows you to watch sports events, and you can choose the best channel, Eurosport, to watch sports content. If you want to know What Channel is Eurosport on Virgin Media, refer to the following portions. Sky Sports Box Office on Virgin Media is also the best combination to watch your beloved sports content on your streaming device.

What Channel is Eurosport on Virgin Media?

Here you can get the answer for What Channel is Eurosport on Virgin Media in this topic. You have Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 TV channels on Virgin Media. I will provide the channel number in the following.

TV Provider Channel Name Channel Number
Virgin Media Eurosport 1 521 (HD)
Virgin Media Eurosport 2 522 (HD)


In the above table section, you can get the channel number for Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels watching on HD quality. If you want to stream this television channel in 4K HDR, you can watch it on 205/999 Channel number.

Eurosport on Virgin Media Subscription:

As we discussed in the above portion, Virgin Media is a subscription-based streaming service. You have to purchase a subscription package to watch Eurosport on Virgin Media. Here I have given the subscription package cost below:

1). Big Bundle > £33/ Per Month.
  • This is the basic plan in Virgin Media, and you can watch more than 100 TV Channels. And some more offers which are mentioned in the second package.
2). Big Bundle + Drama & Docs > £37.99/ Per Month.
  • Watch more than 145 TV Channels. Get M200 Fibre Broadband, and Talk Weekends.
3). Bigger Volt Bundle > £49/ Per Month.
  • Stream up to 190 Channels. Get M500 Broadband, 10GB O2 Sim, and all other benefits in the first subscription.
4). Ultimate Volt Bundle > £85/ Per Month.
  • By getting this subscription package, you can watch more than 230 TV Channels. And the particular arrival of Netflix Standard, Unlimited O2 Sim, Gig1 Broadband, and all other introductory offers.
5). Bigger Bundle + Sports > £65/ Per Month.
  • Watch more than 195 TV Channels, and all other features in previous subscription packages get repeated.

Choose any subscription which feels comfortable for you to watch Eurosport on Virgin Media. You have to renew the packages for every month at the date of purchase.

Euroscope on Virgin Media features:

Virgin Media’s streaming service offers more benefits to watching content on its platform. I have listed the benefits in the following.

  • It Offers 18 Months Contract on its subscription package.
  • Watch all Premium Content on Virgin Media Player.
  • On Virgin Media Official Website, It offers Gift Card.
  • Use Gift Card on any Virgin Media Subscription package.
  • Also, it provides Sky Exclusive Content on Virgin Media TV.
  • Download Virgin TV Go from AppStore.
  • Use an active Virgin Media subscription on Virgin TV Go.
  • Stream all content in HD quality.
  • Download content and watch it Offline.
  • Record the entire show and watch it later.
  • Add your favourite content to the Favourites list.

By using the TV Go streaming service and Virgin Media TV provider, you can obtain these listed features by getting the Subscription package. Watch Eurosport on Virgin Media with these features. You can also watch Talk TV on Virgin Media to stream your favourite Television shows, movies, and much more content.

Our Final Notes:

You can watch Eurosport on Virgin Media by subscribing to the Virgin Media service. Scroll up and learn What Channel Eurosport is on the required streaming service. Also, I have given the Subscription package cost and the features of the Virgin Media TV service.

If you want to stream Virgin Media content on your mobile, you can use the Virgin TV Go mobile app and use your Virgin Media login credential. And stream on the active subscription.


Is Eurosport available on Virgin Media?

Yes, you can watch the Eurosport sports channel on Virgin Media on its subscription channel lineup.

Can I watch Eurosports on Virgin Media for Free?

You need to purchase Virgin Media’s Bundle package to watch the Eurosport sports streaming channel.

How to Watch Eurosport on the Virgin Media?

You can watch Eurosport on Channel 521 and 522 on Virgin Media TV service. Eurosport 1 on 521 and 2 on 522 in HD quality.

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