Top 7 Opportunities That LinkedIn Marketing Services Provide  

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LinkedIn is a platform that can help you promote your content to your target audience. It can also be used to advertise your services thanks to mechanisms that allow you to target interests, demographics, and job categories.

LinkedIn may have a smaller user base compared to Facebook and Twitter, but you still get a lot of benefits from using it.

It’s more than an online resume, and the many user groups, messaging features, and Pulse publishing platform make it a great drip marketing opportunity.

1. Define Attribute Relationships 

The basics work on LinkedIn like any other social media platform – you need to spend time here to establish your presence. And you need to develop connections to eventually build a network around your name and business. 


  • Focus on building relationships before trying to generate traffic through promotion.
  • Use Intelligent Response Discovery.
  • Apply your experience to help wherever you are.

Warning: The fact that LinkedIn was created for professional relationships doesn’t give users the right to think of the platform as a spammer, and unfortunately it still doesn’t have a strong policy against shady practices.

So, create a great LinkedIn experience with who you are and be very selective about the contacts you request or accept. Most people use LinkedIn because they care about things like professional development and business growth.

Share posts that offer solutions to common business problems and provide actionable advice on how to achieve your goals. You’d better “focus on solutions rather than self-promotion so you see users coming back time and time again to interact with you and share your posts.

2. Use Messages/chat Online And Promote

Use the integrated chat and messaging system. LinkedIn outreach provides the ability to create a personal connection with your connections before attempting to connect with other people in your niche.

It is extremely important not to send messages that look like spam in the first step. Focus on the human factor:

  • Comment on anything you found interesting in the connection profile.
  • Ask questions about their latest project.
  • Ask them to talk.

LinkedIn is much more than just a platform for professionals and companies to exchange interests. This is a place to build relationships that will eventually turn into good opportunities for both parties.

Using InMail

Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn’s messaging tool, especially for bloggers and influencers. This can be automated using services like these.

3. Post To LinkedIn Pulse

Having your publishing platform with reliable software can help you build trust if you’re publishing content your network wants to see. Providing industry-specific blog content on LinkedIn is a great strategy for capturing the attention of a new audience.

You want to post something that your followers would be genuinely interested in seeing and would consider sharing with their followers. The result is exponential growth, especially when some of the content goes viral.

It’s not enough to create a beautiful profile, you also need to regularly add new content that will attract more and more of your like-minded people. But remember that it should not just be about sharing knowledge with the LinkedIn community, but also about promoting your blog.

4. Discussion Forum

The advantage of LinkedIn over other social networks is that thanks to it you can get a lot of targeted traffic using your content in communities related to your industry. This will help people who are interested in your activities to know about your company.

Therefore, we recommend that you find such communities and participate in discussions, answer questions and provide the necessary information. You can also carefully integrate your content or links to it, but the main thing is that this does not look like self-promotion.

In this way, you can increase your brand awareness and build strong relationships with your target audience.

5. Applying Profile Fields For Promotion

Each of them helps you to expand the information about your company in the profile and lay down the necessary links.

Links To Publications

Don’t forget to mention your top various posts on your LinkedIn profile. This section is a brief portfolio that visitors can view to learn about your experience and skills.

File Upload Function

You can add them to the Overview, Experience, and Education sections. They will demonstrate your professionalism, your skills, and competence.

Integration With SlideShare

After LinkedIn bought SlideShare in 2012, the platform became available, allowing you to add slides or presentations to your profile.

Visuals are very important, they help you visualize the principles of your work; You can provide them in any form, eg. videos, photos, logos, links, infographics, screenshots, and slides. 

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6. Add Reviews

Recommendations also drive traffic, sales, and reputation among potential clients and professionals. If your company evokes a sense of reliability, then you can significantly stand out from the crowd and acquire more new customers.

To do this, you can ask old clients, colleagues, and bloggers that you have recommended or collaborated with you to recommend you on LinkedIn. However, recommendations only work if they are real.

7. LinkedIn Advertising

If you can’t dedicate a lot of time and resources to drip marketing, you can always advertise. To do this, you need to adjust your target companies and upload a lead list or email list to LinkedIn Outreach so that you can narrow down your advertising audience.

You can then use it to send direct ads to these users, as well as to create Lookalike Audiences to replicate the demographics of users from that you may already be generating leads. 

Thus, we can conclude that Linkedin has a large number of opportunities to promote any business. The main thing is to use all its mechanisms correctly, to be involved, competently approach the choice of content, and monitor your reputation. Then this social network will be able to bring you a large number of new customers.

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