ITV Hub on Samsung TV: Fix “Not Working” Issue

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ITV hub is one of the famous video-on-demand services; you can access it via sites or apps. And this app presents excellent programmes and series for users. You could use ITV on Smart TVs such as LG TV and Sony Smart Tv. Not only Smart TVs but also you might be used on PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Sky and then more. In this way, you are able to use the ITV Hub on Samsung Smart TV. Unfortunately, you face the ITV not working issues, right? In this article, we are going to talk about how to fix ITV Hub not working issue on Samsung Smart TV.

Quick Notes on ITV

ITV is simply said as a free-to-air television network, and it is called Independent Television. You quickly get this app from the Google Play app. Download it and then install the ITV hub app. When you open it firstly, then you need to provide the login details, and you can enjoy it.

ITV is a Free catch-up service; it asks for the registration process only. Further steps are entirely free to involve with your account on the ITV hub. Press the sign-in option at the top of the page; then, you select the sign-up now process.

There are 35 channels behind the ITV network. It gives unmissable events, favourite soaps, and then family entertainment shows. Furthermore, you could also get ITV on the Amazon Prime subscription.

Can You get ITV on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, there is some possible way to get the ITV on your Samsung Smart TV hub. Firstly, you require to navigate the Samsung Smart TV hub. Enters into the Apps area. Click and hold the proper select button on the ITV hub app. The sub-menu appears on your page. Select the proper updates apps then you can select the ITV hub here.

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ITV Hub Not working on Samsung TV

When you receive the ITV hub not working on the Samsung Smart TV, you need to check the following steps first.

  • Make sure you do not present on the Smart Hub and then TV mode.
  • Click on the Menu button with the remote control.
  • Go to Support–>Press Software Update–>Update proper instructions.
  • The detailed guidelines to solve this issue are explained in the coming lines.
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1. Reset Samsung Smart TV

First and foremost, you need to reset the Samsung TV. Yes, most of us said multiple ways. Despite of, Reset is considered a new start.

In that reset process, it comes into the Settings option on Samsung TV. Then Run over the Support field.

Press on the Self Diagnosis tab, and click the Reset tab. Now you can reset the Samsung TV.

2. Reboot with Smart Hub Tab

Now, we move on to the reboot process. It was a quick and straightforward process which gave effective results.

Comes on the Samsung Smart TV home screen. Select the Smart hub tab here.

In the tools tab, you could get into the settings tab. After that process, click the Reset option to reboot your Samsung TV.

3. Check the Internet connection[ITV Hub on Samsung TV]

If you have a poor internet connection, then it makes these errors. Make sure that you connect with the proper internet and also refer it is valid or not. Furthermore, you could refer to the speed of your internet and then the internet supply. Still, you might disable the internet connections with your Samsung TV and then you might be done with the reconnection process. Wait only a few minutes; then, you could use the ITV hub app.

4. Update the ITV

Now, you come to the ITV hub; yes, maintain this app with the updated version. When you connect with the internet connection. In some of the cases, you also need to make more updates. Follow the coming steps manually then you quickly update the app in more accessible ways.

In that process, you need to switch to the intelligent Hub mode.

Then you need to select the proper Apps here.

Now, do the searching process with the ITV hub.

You might be able to update other options when it available.

Press on the update process here.

5. Update the System Software 

After updating your ITV app then, you are also required to do the updating process with your system software. Follow the coming lines; then, you quickly update the system software in more accessible ways.

  1. In that process, check your presents on TV mode.
  2. When you come into the Smart Hub mode, then switch to the TV mode.
  3. Press the menu button with your remote.
  4. Select Support from the given options.
  5. Press the software update.

6. Re-login to ITV Hub

In general, you unfold the ITV hub app with your Samsung Smart TV. Involves with the Profile Tab of your ITV hun and then select the sign-out or logout option here. Coming to an end, continue with re-enter process with the proper credentials of your ITV hub, then start to use the Samsung TV.

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7. Clear Cache and Data[ITV Hub on Samsung TV]

You need to clear the unnecessary caches and data. It creates some unwanted issues. Follow the coming two steps, then clear the caches and other data.

Head into the Settings tab on Samsung TV, then select the ITV hub app here.

Select Clear data and then other caches tab with ITV hub, then clear it up.

8. Check your TV and Router

Some of the time, TV and router also make these issues for you. Check your television and then router; then, you are quickly involved with the further process.

Disable the Samsung TV and then other Router from your Power source, then Turn it off here. Wait for some seconds and then restart the enabling process with your Samsung TV and then router. Finally, connect with the proper power source.

9. Check ITV Hub Subscription 

Check your ITV hub subscription then you move into the further process. In that process, it comes into the ITV hub app with your Samsung TV. Press the Account field in that operation. Get into the proper billing section of your ITV hub. Then check whether the subscription is valid or not. When you have the not valid one, then do more updates with your subscription with ITV hub.

10. Contact the Customer Support 

If you do not get the desired results with the above fixes, then you move to customer support. Use the mail application or your browser to contact the ITV hub help desk. They are waiting to solve your issues. Share the errors, then gets the instructions from us if you are not satisfied with the above fixes.

Final Verdict

Coming to an end, These Top 10 fixes gives a helping hand to solve the ITV hub not working on the Samsung TV issue. Follow the above passage with proper instructions; then, you will quickly get the desired results. Don’t omit any lines or steps. Follow the one trick to another trick; then, you quickly get faster results. Hope you this article helps you in multiple ways. Finally, you could enjoy the ITV hub streaming services with your Samsung Smart TV without any interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why my ITV hub Stopped to working with Smart TV?

The most common reason is that you might be running with the old version of the ITV hub. Make more updates with your ITV app and then remove other bugs. Then you might be given the new account, and it expresses that the phone is set with the automatic update.

2. Is there any problem with my ITV hub?

Not sure; some of the time, there are some technical difficulties involved with that problem. When you are getting and working with the same services.

3. How to Update Apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Click on the Home button, then open the projector’s home screen menu. Make some Navigation and then select the Settings icon; it is present in the top right corner. Done some navigation with the Auto-update process. Select the automatic update with apps.

The official URL for this IPTV service is