How to Watch Cowboys Game on Roku? |2 Ways 2022|

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We are all well-known for Cowboys with horses and looking like a superhero. Today our article is also about the Cowboys but not with horses, with Footballs. Yes, today we are going to see the How to Watch Cowboys Game on Roku.

Dallas Cowboys is one of my favourite American football teams. I guess you like their matches. Watching live and knowing updates of our favourite team let us know the matches dates. If you want to watch the Cowboys Game on Roku, follow the reading of all topics in this article. Each topic gives you valid information about the Cowboys team and watching on your device.

About Dallas Cowboys:

Dallas Cowboys is an American Professional Football team in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. In the East Division, the Cowboys team Played with National Football League and was also a club member of the National Football Conference.

Dallas Cowboys

Mike McCarthy was a Head Coach for the Dallas Cowboys football team. Dallas Cowboys holds Five NFL Championships. And Ezekiel Elliott, Tyron Smith, KaVontae Turpin, Dark Prescott, and 45 more players are in the Dallas Cowboys football team.

I know you are eagerly waiting to watch your favourite football team Dallas Cowboys, on your Roku device. You can watch through many streaming sites. For more details about streaming, refer to the upcoming topic.

Can I Watch the Cowboys Game on Roku?

Fortunately, you can watch the Cowboys Game on Roku. Cowboy Game does not have a separate TV Channel but has a streaming service. And it is available on Roku.

You can download the Cowboys Now app from your Roku device’s in-built Roku Channel Store. The download process and alternative ways to watch your favourite football team matches on Roku devices are mentioned below. You can also Stream Packers Games on Roku if you like their football playing method. I like the Packers team, too and watch their matches on my Roku device.

How to Watch the Cowboys Game on Roku?

Already you know that the Dallas Cowboys have an official streaming service to know all updates on this team. You can get the app directly on your Roku device.

Steps to Watch Cowboys Game on Roku:

  • Connect your Roku Stick with a Smart TV HDMI gateway and connect to the internet evenly.
  • Click the Home icon button on the controller and visit Roku Dashboard.
  • Choose the Streaming Channels option from the menu.
  • Click the Search option and type ” Cowboys Now” in the given space.
  • Discover the Cowboys Now app from the search result.

Cowboys Game on Roku

  • Click the “Add Channel” tab to download an app on your device.
  • After a few minutes, the Cowboys Now app is downloaded to your device.
  • Move to the home page and click on the Streaming Channels option.
  • Tap on the installed Cowboys Now app to open on your device.
  • Sign Up using your email address or mobile number.

Use your login credential to Sign on with the Cowboys Now app to watch the Cowboys Game on Roku. Select any of your favourite content and watch on.

Alternatives to Watch Cowboys Game on Roku:

If you feel there is not enough content on the Cowboys Now app, then you can follow this alternative method to watch the Cowboys Game on Roku. 

Channels to Watch Cowboys Game on Roku:
  • Fox Sports,
  • NBC,
  • NFL Network,
  • ESPN,
  • CBS Sports,

And more sports channels to watch your favourite team matches live on your Roku device. I have listed the streaming service and its subscriptions to watch the Cowboys Game on Roku. If you want to Cancel CBS on Roku, click on this link and learn how to cancel it on your device.

1). Sling TV to Watch Cowboys Game on Roku:

Sling TV to Watch Cowboys Game on Roku

Sling TV is the most popular streaming service to watch your beloved content on your device. Download Sling TV on your Roku device and watch Cowboys team matches with $35/ month of Blue and Orange. You can also get the mingled subscription pack of $45/Per Month.

2). YouTube TV:

YouTube TV on Roku

You can watch more than 85 Live TV Channels on the YouTube TV streaming service. Also, you can watch Cowboys Game on Roku on the channels I have given above. Purchase for $64.99/Per Month subscription package to watch Simultaneously on 3 devices.

3). Fubo TV to Watch Cowboys Game on Roku:

Fubo TV to Watch Cowboys Game on Roku

Fubo TV is famous for streaming sports content live. And it offers more than 100 Live TV Channels on its platform, including the Sports channel, which I have given in the above section. Get $64.99/per month (Starter Pack), $69.99/per month (Pro Pack), and $79.99/per month (Elite Pack) to watch the Dallas Cowboys live matches on a Roku device.

4). Hulu Plus Live Stream:

Hulu Live Stream on Roku

Hulu Plus Live Streaming service provides more than 65 TV Channels. To watch a Cowboys game, you have to purchase $64.99/per month and $70.99/per month. Watch on those sports channels I have listed above. Also, stream On-Demand Titles on Hulu Plus Live Stream service.

5). Vidgo TV to Watch Cowboys Game on Roku:

Vidgo on Roku

Vidgo has more than 80 TV Channels. For the first two months, you have to pay $10. After that, you can choose $55/per month to stream all Live channels. Watch all live sports in Vidgo streaming service on the sports channels I have listed above.

6). DirecTV Stream/ AT&T TV:

At&T TV to Watch Cowboys Game on Roku

We know the DirecTV provider very well. But also, you can use the DirecTV ID on the streaming device. DirecTV Stream is also formerly known as AT&T TV. Install DirecTV Stream/ At&T TV app on Roku and watch Cowboys Game on Roku for $69.99/Per Month for 60 Channels. And $89.99/Per Month with 90 Channels, $104/Per Month with 130 Channels, and $149.99/Per Month with 140 Channels. Continuously watching Sports also boring sometimes. So, you can watch blockbuster movies and some entertaining television content by accessing MoviesJoy on a Roku device directly.

Our Final Notes:

Watch the Cowboys Game on Roku by installing the Cowboys Now app on Roku. Also, stream through Fubo, Sling, Vidgo, YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, and much more television streaming services with their subscription package.

You can install those external streaming devices directly on your Roku device from Roku Channel Store. Purchase Subscription packages and watch Cowboys games and all other games, TV Shows, Movies, and all television content on Roku devices.


Is Cowboys Game available on Roku?

Yes, you can watch the Cowboys Games on Roku by installing its team’s official app, Cowboys Now. Also, watch through some paid external streaming services.

What Channels are streaming Dallas Cowboys games?

Watch the Dallas Cowboys Game on NFL, NBC, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, ABC, and much more sports TV Channels.

How much Does the Cowboys Now app Cost?

You can download the Dallas Cowboys app free on your device. Also, no extra charge is applicable to stream the Cowboys football matches. The app is absolutely free to download and stream.

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