How to Watch BritBox on Sony TV? | Easy Alternatives 2022

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If you are out of your country right now and trying to access your country channel and cannot connect with the service? We have lakhs of movies and series in tons of languages. But British movies are more informative and close to our hearts. You have the best streaming service to access your required channel in more than nine countries. And I am always used to watching BrittBox on Sony TV wherever I am.

BritBox is the best streaming service that contains important television channels on its Subscription. Using the BritBox service, you can watch all your favorite content on your Sony TV. Do you want to stream on your TV right now? Then, please scroll down to the installation topic to access it on your TV. If you want to know about BritBox, refer to the first topic and learn about it.

About BritBox:

BritBox is the United Kingdom’s Online Digital Video Streaming Subscription service. And this streaming service is Founded by ITV plc and BBC. Now the service is Operated by BBC, ITV plc, BBC Studios, and AMC Networks.

You can access this service in over nine countries, such as North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and Canada. It broadcasts the past movies and series provided by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5.

Britbox service

Also, you can watch the Originals of BritBox on its Subscription. BritBox is telecasting British Soaps and Dramas, which are newly released, such as Coronation Street, EastEnders, Holby City, Casualty, and Emmerdale. 

This service is available on iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, Apple TV, Samsung Tizen TV, Panasonic TV, Vestel Smart TV, LG Smart TV, YouView, Freeview Play, Freesat, Amazon Channels, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and, Fetch TV, Telstra TV, Xbox, and Virgin TV. To know the installation of BritBox on Sony TV, the following topics will contain your required answer.

Is BritBox available on Sony TV?

Right Now, the BritBox streaming service is unavailable on Sony Smart TV. In the future, it may arrive in-built on your Sony Smart TV. But now, you can not even download it from the Sony App Store.

Don’t worry about that, and I have an alternative way to watch the BritBox content on your Sony Smart Television. The following section will explain the methods and the installation procedures. Also, we have provided the Top 10 Best IPTV For Sony Smart TV to access unauthorized sites, and they are all broadcasting free live sports and television shows and movies on their platform.

BritBox Subscription Cost:

We know that BritBox service is a Subscription based provider. It has two kinds of Subscription plans, which gets mentioned in the image below.

BritBox Subscription Package

  1. Select the Subscription plan.
  2. Check out that all the details are correct.
  3. Enter the required details along with your email address.
  4. Choose the Payment Method.
  5. Complete the Billing process.
  6. The invoice and your Sign In credential will send to your registered email address.

These six steps you have to follow for purchasing the BirtBox premium. Without the active Subscription package, you can not be able to watch the BritBox on Sony TV. Now, move forward to the installation process.

How to Watch BritBox on Sony TV?

We have two easy methods to access the BritBox streaming service on your TV. The two methods get mentioned below:

  1. Screencast BritBox on Sony TV.
  2. Using External Streaming Devices.

Let us learn the methods one by one. If you are in front of your TV, do the procedure step by step. If you need all maximum local tv channels and add-ons of external services, you may choose Spectrum TV on Sony TV and install it by the procedures given in the link.

1). Screencast BritBox on Sony TV:

Screencasting is like sharing your Mobile screen with your TV. This means not only the BritBox screen but also you can access all your internal videos and images on your TV Big Screen.

Steps to Screencast BritBox on your Sony Smart TV:

  • Couple your Android Device and Sony Smart TV with identical Wi-Fi Connections.
  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Tap on the Search engine Browse for BritBox and hit the search icon.
  • Pick out the BritBox app from the play store search result.

BritBox on Sony Smart TV

  • And click on the Install tab to own the app.
  • Visit the home page and Launch BritBox installed app on your Android.
  • Sign In using the credentials. Or Register on BritBox app.

BritBox Sign in page

  • Select Content and Play it on your Android screen.
  • Shift to the Control Panel of the Android device.
  • And, Select the Cast option, which is like mentioned on the image.

cast on Android

  • Choose the Sony Smart TV brand name which you have.
  • Click Home Button to shift to your Sony TV Home Screen.
  • If your TV asks to Screencast, Click Connect/Allow tab.

Look at your Sony TV Screen, and there, you can watch the movie playing on your Android screen. So, our first method to access BritBox on Sony TV gets completed. Move to the second method.

2). Using External Devices Apple TV/Firestick/Roku:

I choose the Apple TV device to show you as an example for use. You can choose Apple TV/ Amazon Firestick/ Roku/ Chromecast/ or any other PlayStation device, same as the steps I mentioned.

  • Insert the Apple TV Device on the HDMI gateway on your Sony TV.
  • Then bind them with the same Wi-Fi connection.
  • Click the Home key on Apple TV remote controller.
  • On the Apple TV device, you have an in-built Apple App Store.
  • Click on Apple App Store and tap the search bar.
  • Find the BritBox app on the App Store.

BritBox on Apple App Store

  • Select the app icon and head towards the Install button.
  • Unbox the BritBox app and Sign In with its credentials.
  • Choose a video and play it on your Apple TV Screen.

Here you go, now you can play any of your favorite content from BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 on BritBox on Sony TV screen. Only the connecting procedure is the same for all external streaming devices. The installation process is different.

Alternative Way to Stream BritBox on Sony TV:

We do not have a direct method to access the BritBox streaming service on your Sony TV. Only the alternative methods will give hands to stream the content. The above two methods are also alternatives, in the not working time, you can follow this simple method.

  • Install Chrome Browser/ any Web Browser on Sony TV.
  • Launch the Web Browser app and Tap the Search section.
  • Browse for [ the web browser.
  • Click the Sign In option and Enter your email address and Password in the given boxes.
  • Then, hit the Sign In section to get into the app.
  • Select content and watch online.

Try this method when the Britbox app is not working on your TV. Or, if you would like to watch the content online, you may proceed with this method. To watch the live sports and popular external streaming networks’ content, install Peacock TV on Sony TV. Click the link to get the installation process.

To Conclude:

BritBox is unavailable on Sony TV. You have to Screencast or use Apple TV/Roku/Chromecast or some other external devices to watch BritBox on Sony TV. Every external device has different procedures for installing the app on its platform. Just go to the home screen and find the App Store, or you can search for it in the Apps section itself. Then follow the on-screen procedure.

We have published more installation procedures for other paid and free streaming services on Sony Smart TV. If you would like to go through, tap the Smart TV tag, which gets mentioned at the end of this article. There you can find many streaming services with all TV Brands.


How to Fix BritBox Not Working on Sony TV?

First, check the Internet Connection, Restart TV, Check BritBox Subscription, Uninstall and Reinstall BritBox, or Factory Data Reset on Sony TV. Try the all methods one by one.

Can I watch BritBox Free?

BritBox has Originals, and On-Demand content of BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 popular channels content. So, you have to purchase a Subscription on BritBox. If you selected the $5.99 plan, you could use the BritBox content free for 7 days, and you can cancel it before the free trial ends.

The official URL for this IPTV service is