How to Take a Screenshot on Acer Laptop? | 2 Easy Ways 2022

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Think that you are walking in a park or driving in heavy traffic, and watching someone unusually or seeing the incredible natural scenes in that place. During that time, we like to take a snap to keep it as memories. To take a snap, we use our mobiles or cameras. But, the same incredible natural scenes or unusual things are you watching on your Mobile or Laptop. Have you used the camera to capture them? No. For Example: If you are using an Acer Laptop, you can take a Screenshot on your Laptop. This complete article will guide you on How to Screenshot on a Acer Laptop.

Not all photos, videos, or documents are supported by our system to download on the device storage. Only the screenshot method will help us to keep them on the internal storage. Move forward to the content below and learn the tricks to take a Screenshot on Acer Laptop.

How to Screenshot on a Acer Laptop?

Don’t know how to take a screenshot on your Acer Laptop? Feel free, and I am here to explain all possible ways to take a Screen snap on your Laptop. We have Two Methods to take a Screenshot. They are:

  1. Using (Print Screen) Key on Acer Laptop.
  2. Using Snipping Tool Method.

By using these two methods, you can take Screenshots easily on your Acer Laptop. Step-by-Step instructions were given in the following sections. Are you tried connecting the Roku Stick to Laptop? If it is possible, you can watch all your favorite content from Roku Stick on your Laptop.

1). Screenshot on a Acer Laptop (Prtsc):

First, we try the Print Screen key on your Acer Laptop. Follow the instrcutions I have presented one by one in the following. We have two methods of using the Print Screen keys. they are

Method 1: [ Alt + Prtsc ]

  • Go to the page you want to take a Screenshot.
  • Tap and Hold the Prtsc key on your Laptop.

Tap Print Screen on Acer Laptop

  • Then, click and hold on to the Alt button. See the image I have provided for reference.

Click Alt tab to Take a Screenshot on Acer Laptop

[Note: You have to hold both keys at the same time ]

So, this is the first method to Screenshot on a Acer Laptop. Remember, first, and you have to click the Prtsc button and then tap the Alt button and hold them. Now the page is saved on your device’s internal storage.

Method 2: [  Fn + Windows + Prtsc ]

  • Visit the required page to take a snap.
  • Click on the Fn key on your Acer Laptop and hold it.

Tap Fn tab on Acer Laptop

  • Next, hit the Windows Key nearby the Windows key.

Click Windows tab

  • Hold the Fn and Windows keys. Then tap on the Prtsc key.
  • Now, hold the three keys to Take a Screenshot on Acer Laptop.

Tap and Hold the keys

I hope you got your answer for How to Screenshot on a Acer Laptop. You have learned to take a snap on your laptop using the keys. Already I have mentioned that we have two methods. Let’s walk through the second method.

2). Screenshot on a Acer Laptop ( Snipping Tool):

In the above method, we have only used the keys to take a screenshot on your Laptop. Now, we are going to use the keys as well as access your screen.

Method 1: [ Windows + Shift + S ]

  • Open the page that you want to capture and save on your Laptop.
  • And, Tap the Windows key nearby your hand.

Tap Windows key on Acer Laptop

  • Move towards the Shift Key and tap on it.

Shift Icon on Acer Laptop

  • And click on the S Letter Key on your Acer Laptop.

Shift Icon on Acer Laptop

  • You have to hold the three keys at the same time.

Snipping Tool on Acer Laptop

  • Now your Laptop screen goes blurred, and you can see the four side arrows on the curser.
  • Place the cursor at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Hold the left key on the mouse and drag it to the complete screen.
  • Then, select the Save Icon and choose the folder you want to save.

Save icon on laptop

That’s all. By this simple method, you have manually selected the part that you want to save on your Acer laptop. Also, we have another way to get the Snipping Tool on your Laptop. If you have to know how to Take a Screenshot on your Hp Laptop, Tap the link and go through the article to learn.

Method 2: [ Using Windows ]

  • Close all screens on your Laptop.
  • And click on the Windows icon on the screen using the mouse.

Windows option on Acer Laptop screen

  • Now, choose the All Apps/ Apps section after clicking on the Windows icon.

All Apps option on Acer Laptop

  • There you can see many apps on the list.
  • You have to click on the Snipping Tool from the list.

Select Snipping Tool

  • Select the New option on the Snipping tool pop-up screen.

Click New on Snipping Tool

  • Drag the four sides and cover the page which you want to save on your device.

That’s All… we have successfully gone through the two methods to learn How to Screenshot on a Acer Laptop. 

Where Can I Find the Screenshots on My Acer Laptop?

After Taking Screenshots on Acer Laptop, the images are all saved on your device’s internal storage. To find the path, read the steps below:

  • Tap on the File Manager icon given in the toolbar.

Click File Manager icon

  • Click on the Pictures option on the File Manager page.

Select Pictures on File Manager

  •  Then, select and click the Screenshots folder, and there you can check the shot images.

Hereafter you can Take a Screenshot on Acer Laptop. We have two methods and 2 sub-methods for each way. You can also Connect AirPods to HP Laptop. If you have Hp Laptop, click the link and connect your AirPods and listen to the streaming very clearly.

Our Final Notes:

This article will explain to you How to Screenshot on a Acer Laptop. Using the Prtsc key and Snipping tool, you can screenshot your Acer Laptop screen. Save all amazing natural photography, videos, documents, and screenshots on your Acer laptop by doing these shortcuts.

We have many doubts about our television, laptop, or mobile and do not know what to do. I have answered for few of your questions on our website. Just click on the How to tag at the end of this article and know all answers.


How to Screenshot on Dell Laptop?

The Screenshot method is the same in all branded laptops. Windows + Fn + S keys for Snipping Tool. And Fn + Prtsc keys for direct screenshots.

Where Can I View the Screenshots on Lenovo Laptop?

Go to File Manager > Click Pictures > Tap on Screenshots. This is the common way for all systems. Even on the Windows PC, this is the method to find the screenshot pictures.

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