How to Stream Sky Sports Box Office on Virgin Media?

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Playing games will make you more active and enthusiastic. Also, watching Sports also makes the same feel from your compatible device. Certainly, every youngster would like to watch sports today, and if you are one of them, then this guide will help you to watch many popular live sports and their related content to stream, especially Sky sports box office. Fortunately, if you have a Virgin Media Player in your home, then don’t worry. Today we will let you know to stream Sky Sports Box office on Virgin Media Player. 

Sky Box Box Office:

Sky Box Office is a pay-per-view streaming service and it is run in the United Kingdom and also the Republic of Ireland. Totally there were three divisions of brands in the Sky Box Office that are Sky Cinema Box Office, Sky 3D Box Office, and Sky Sports Box office. 

Since It is the number one popular TV sports service in London and it is not obtainable from Sky directly yet, it is also an adversary TV supplier, for example, Virgin Media. It is also a collection of TV channels to purchase a live TV box from Virgin.

However, if you are a new user of Virgin Media, then search for Sky Sports to stream your desired sports content, such as every live fight from choosed Box Office events on your compatible devices like Now TV Box, Windows, macOS, Android devices or iPhone devices.

Virgin Media:

Virgin Media is a British telecommunication company. They deliver a telephone, internet service and also TVs from the United Kingdom. This service headquarter were situated in England. However, they are the proprietor of Virgin Media O2.

They are sharing the partnership with 50:50 of Telefonica and Liberty Global. Though in the United Kingdom, Virgin Media is the proprietor and operates its own fibre optic advanced cable TV network. However, it still doesn’t reach the customer site.

Nevertheless, they have launched a dedicated app to stream wherever you go. Virgin TV Go app is available on the play store and app store to download to stream whenever and wherever you want. Also, read Virgin Media Player for Samsung TV.

Pricing of Virgin Media:

Certainly, Virgin Media has varieties of packages based on internet service, Phone, and TV channels. So you can choose the package according to your usage which you want. Moreover, they offer a combination of packages like internet and TV or TV and Phone.

  • Broadband + Phone: This service starts at £27 per month and £33 per month. 
  • Big Bundle: In this package, you will get M200 fibre broadband + more than 100 TV channels +Talk weekends. It starts from £33 per month for up to 18 months only after that the pricing may vary.
  • Bigger Volt bundle: This plan offers M500 fibre broadband + Talk Weekends + 190 plus TV channels + 10 GB O2 sim. However, this package begins from £49 per month.
  • And last but not least, this plan offers a wide range of services Gig 1 fibre broadband + infinite O2 sim + Unlimited Talktime +Netflix + 230 plus TV channels. However, it costs £85 per month for up to 18 months.

Is Virgin Media accessible on Sky Sports Box office?

Since you are not even a Sky TV user, then you should need to book here to get it. Then choose the New on Sky Box Office. After you have bought the event, and then you can stream it on your Android or iOS devices. Otherwise, you can purchase the event on BT and also Virgin Media as well. Users with a TiVo box can watch directly through the Sky sports box office event list by using the given guidelines. Check out this related post, Virgin TV Go Chromecast.

How to Get Sky Sports Box Office on Virgin Media?

Sky Sports Box Office can be streamed on your Virgin Media player using the TiVo box with your box office events. So here you will get the standard answer to your question. First, you should require to purchase a game event on your Box office before you need to stream on any Vergin Media player.

Go to the Home page of your Virgin Media.

Hover over the on-demand section.

Next move to the Live events.

Next, hit the red button.

Now pick any pay-per-view events by entering your TV Pin.

You can start streaming any events on your Virgin through the Sky Sports Box office.

⋙ Also, you can directly purchase any event from your Virgin Media.

Alternative Way:

Suppose you can’t be able to watch events from Sky or virgin, even if you purchased to stream it online or through the Box office apps. Then you can directly download the Sky Sports Box Office official app on your play store or app store directly to your Android or iOS smartphones.

Otherwise, you can also purchase your desired event from the Virgin Go app to stream since it is not available. A similar post,  Sky Sports on Virgin Go

Get Sky Sports Box Office App on your Smartphone:

⋙ Download and install the official Sky Sports Box Office app on your Android or iPhone smartphone.

 Log in with your Sky Sports account.

⋙ Then purchase any events which you want and stream them wherever you want online.

Stream Box office Events on the Virgin TV Go app:

Install the Virgin TV Go and Virgin TV Control.

Purchase a Virgin box to watch live TV from the Virgin TV Go app.

 Click on the Home button using the Virgin TV remote.

⋙ Now go to the On-demand and choose the live events.

⋙ Next, hit the red button on your Virgin TV.

⋙ Pick your favourite event which you purchased, then start streaming it on your Android or iOS device through this Virgin TV Go app.

Wrapping Up:

You can watch Sky Sports Box Office on your Virgin Media by purchasing on pay-per-view your favourite events from BT or Virgin Media. Also, you can buy it from your box office to stream on your Android or iOS smartphone. In case you have any further queries related to the Sky Sports Box office to stream on Virgin Media, mention them using the comment section.

The official URL for this IPTV service is