How to Install Launch on Boot APK on FireStick (Sep, 2022)

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to Install Launch on Boot on FireStick, Fire TV, and FireStick 4K.

Many users like to customize their devices straight from powering on, this is not possible with the new Amazon updates.

Launch on boot is a common tool used to avoid Amazon’s recent updates that disable custom launchers. The well-known Wolf Launcher, Lean back Launcher, and more unique launchers are included in this.

Moreover, another reason why many cord-cutters are dissatisfied with Amazon’s new software updates is that it increases advertisements. Therefore, the best way to prevent this is by installing the Launch on Boot application.

Due to the affordable price and unlockable features, the Amazon Firestick is currently the most widely used streaming device. Other compatible devices with Launch on Boot are Mi TV Stick, NVIDIA Shield, MECOOL Box, Chromecast, and other Android TV devices. 

There are no suspicious files or malware within the Launch on Boot application. However, since this is a free app it is strictly advised to use a VPN on your FireStick.

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How to Install Launch on Boot on FireStick

Launch on Boot is not available on the official App Store, so it has to be installed on your FireStick as a third-party app. I have used the Downloader app for this purpose.

Do not forget to install and use Express VPN on your Firestick to stay protected from malware.

Follow these steps to install Launch on Boot on FireStick:

Step 1: Open Firestick Home


Step 2: Click on the Settings icon


Step 3: Select My Fire TV


Step 4: Choose Developer Options


Step 5: Click on Apps from Unknown Sources


Step 6: Click on Turn On


Step 7: Navigate back to the home page and select the Find menu


Step 8: Click on the Search option


Step 9: Type Downloader and select it from the list


Step 10: Select the Downloader icon


Step 11: Click on Download and wait for the app to install


Step 12: Wait until the download is completed. Note that the process may take some time


Step 13: Click on Open to run the Downloader app


Step 14: Once the downloader opens, click on Allow


Step 15: A prompt will be shown, click OK


Step 16: By default Home tab would be open with a search bar. Type URL


Step 17: Enter the URL through the onscreen keyboard and click Go

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Step 18: Scroll down where you see Download APK


Step 19: Select Download now


Step 20: Wait for the File to download. The completion may take some time


Step 21: Click Install 


Step 22: After Installation click Open 


Step 23: Click the Next arrow and move on


Step 24:Turn on Enabled, Launch the TV app on boot, and Launch when the device wakes up. Click Test and move on install-launch-on-boot-on-firestick-24

Other Launchers for Firestick

Here I have mentioned some Best Launchers for Firestick which will completely change the Firestick Interface. However, make sure to install and use Express VPN to protect your online identity since these custom launchers are free of cost.

  1. Wolf Launcher on FireStick
  2. Leanback Launcher on FireStick
  3. Sideload Launcher on FireStick

FAQs – Launch on Boot

1 What is launch on boot?

Launch on Boot is a famous application that is used to get avoid Amazon’s recent updates that block custom launchers.

2 Will Amazon’s updates block launch on boot?

The Launch on Boot application has not yet been stopped or blocked by the most recent software updates from Amazon. It’s difficult to say whether any upcoming software changes will have an impact on this application.

3 Is launch on Boot safe?

Yes, it is safe to download and use this application. However, for further protection, you are recommended to use Express VPN which will hide your online identity.

4 What device works with this app?

Any device that uses the Android operating system is compatible with Launch on Boot APK. The Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Android TV Boxes, and other devices fall under this category.

Summing Up

Launch on Boot is a simple application that can be sideloaded for free. The application prevents regular ad interruptions and unblocks the latest amazon updates. This allows the user to customize their devices.

Launch on Boot is one of the most popular and known applications for this purpose. Once you decide to install it do not forget to keep a connection with a reliable VPN to secure your activity. Our recommendation has always been Express VPN.

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