How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick? 2022

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There are many reports showing the presence of a large white box appearing on the screen while using Amazon Firestick. When switching to the native TV interface these may go away thus it is quite clear that the problems are with the Fire TV interface. So before understanding the process of removing the white Box it is more important to know about does it really works. Therefore the article How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick will show you how to do that. 

What do you know about White Box on Firestick?

The text box is not a glitch, error, or bug that comes on its own. The sudden appearance of those might be quite annoying as their function are designed in a way with a specific purpose.

For Amazon, the white Box is a feature that transforms all the texts displayed on-screen into a compact, clear, and done-with banner designed for making people easier with vision problems. This is essential for those who are suffering from muscular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa.

The white box guide you on what the users are doing on-screen and what they perform using their remote control. From this, you can clearly know that the white box is not meant for something wrong with your Firestick. Moreover, there are other two things that may cause your text box to look unsolicited and they are:

  • A bug or glitch that appears temporarily
  • A Specific sequence of commands or particular commands which been performed on the remote.

How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick?

Before learning How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick you should consider learning how to disable them temporarily. This feature will be more useful and may come in handy for people who are visual impairments.

It doesn’t take more than two seconds to remove them temporarily and also does not pop up frequently. So it will be a better choice of removing the white box temporarily than removing permanently.

The way to temporarily remove the white box on Firestick takes only one step. Long press the pause or play button for a couple of seconds and leave it. However, if you want the feature to never come back and need to disable the white box permanently then follow the below steps.

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Reason for White Square on the TV screen

When you are trying to rewind a video that too on a streaming platform on YouTube many users have found the presence of the white box. And for others, it is quickly like fast-forwarding a video that takes the white box.

One tricky way we struck here is that the users could not find when the white box popped up as a result or in cases when the unwanted keys are pressed mistakenly during the access. But the fact that still remains is the users may experience this error either trying to rewind or fast forward a video.

While watching the contents those white boxes may appear on the firestick and not by pressing any particular commands on your remote control. Hence here are the different ways to disable them either permanently or temporarily.

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1. Text Banner Accessibility Feature

There is a need of using the Fire TV settings and making a change to turn on the text box or banner normally. As we explained in the previous chapter that this can be done by mistakenly pressing some shortcuts while using. So use all the below helpful options to fix them.

Turn Off Text Banner(How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick)

How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick a primary way is to remove them permanently by turning off the Text Banner Accessibility feature.

  • And you can do this by holding the home button for a long on your remote control and then selecting the settings>> Accessibility>>Text Banner>>OFF

In some cases, those accessibility options might be covered by the white text box in this situation follow the given steps:

  • Long press the pause or play button for a few seconds and that temporarily removes the white box
  • Now head over to the settings and turn off the text banner permanently

2. Enabled Screen Magnifier

In some cases, a combination of remote buttons might enable a feature. Thus as another accessibility function here comes the screen magnifier that makes content for those people who had vision problems hence this function may also activate the White Box on Firestick. To fix them you need to disable the screen magnifier and this can be made easily by pressing the back and fast forward buttons at the same time. This is also one of the fixes in How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick.

3. Presence of Bug – How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick

Even after making the above adjustments and still you can’t fix the white box then it is likely that the firestick may run into the presence of the bug. In such cases, there is a need to perform a specific task on your firestick to fix them.  And those alternatives are:

  • Restarting your Firestick>> Long press the ok and play buttons at the same time>> release them once getting the screen that shows powering off
  • Re-plug your fire TV stick
  • Try resetting your device using a remote>>press the home button>>settings>> My Fire TV>>Reset to factory Defaults>> enter PIN>> confirm reset
  • Contact Amazon
  • Check for system update>> press the home button>> settings>> My Fire TV>> About>> Update
  • Factory Reset>>Home button>>settings>>My Fire TV>>select Reset to Factory Defaults>>continue to reset
  • Update the software

Also, try out those alternatives for How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick.

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The End

To conclude the article How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick device the professional way is to follow all the above sections and apply them to your firestick. And those are the ways to fix them permanently without losing any hope. Thank you.

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