How to Get BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV? |2022 Gudie|

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The UK has many highlights and memorable places and persons, notably her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In the UK, we have many news channels and entertainment content streaming sites and channels. Today, we are going to discuss BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV streaming devices.

BBC iPlayer is the most popular television network, and you can access it in the United Kingdom. In this article, I have given all the required information about the Streaming service and its features. Also, you can know whether the streaming service was available on Samsung Smart TV or not. Let’s move forward with the article and will discuss more.

About BBC iPlayer:

BBC is a Video-On-Demand streaming service which is popular in the United Kingdom. And you can get this app on all available streaming devices, such as Android, iOS Devices, laptops, Smart TVs, tablets, and many more external streaming devices also.

BBC iPlayer

No Commercial Advertisement gets featured on the BBC iPlayer streaming service. Also, you can stream the BBC TV Catchup on the BBC iPlayer app, and you can Record Live on the app. On the BBC iPlayer streaming service, you can watch BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, and BBC Radio streaming on the platform.

All the categories of streaming are available on the streaming service, such as Live News, Popular Programs, Reality Shows, and more movies. And this streaming service allows you to Stream Live from the Beginning. Ok, let’s come to the point, move to the following topic to know the availability of the service on your TV.

Is BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV?

Luckily, the BBC iPlayer is available on Samsung Smart TV. You can download it directly from the Samsung Galaxy App Store.

To know the download process, proceed to the next section and get the installation method of the BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV. You can also Connect AirPods to Samsung TV and listen to all streaming on your TV in your Airpods secretly.

How to Get BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV?

Already we know that the app is available on the Samsung TV. Now, we need the steps to download BBC iPlayer app on your device. Here are the steps:

  • Turn On the Samsung TV and Select your home Wi-Fi broadband name.
  • Go to the Home page of your Samsung TV.
  • Click on the Smart Hub button on your Samsung TV remote controller.
  • Select Apps and click on the search icon on the page.
  • There you can find the “BBC iPlayer” app and discover it on the screen.
  • Now, click on the “Install” button to initiate the downloading app.
  • Do not disturb the screen until the app gets downloaded on your Samsung Smart TV.

Now, you can watch the BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV. Use the same method on your device to install the app. The below-mentioned topic will explain to you how to access the required app on your device.

Stream BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV:

You have successfully installed the BBC iPlayer app on your TV streaming device. On this topic, you are going to learn what to do after installing the app. Here are the steps to Stream BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV.

  • Open the Web Browser on your Android or iPhone.
  • Browse for in the given search field.
  • Open the Website and click on the Register option.

Register on BBC iPlayer

  • BBC iPlayer has to confirm the user has completed their age 16.

Choose age on BBC iPlayer app

  • Select your age of yours. And Enter the Date of Birth on the next page.

Fix Date of Birth on BBC iPlayer

  • Now, Enter all required details in the given space.

Ente Details on BBC iPlayer app

  • After entering all details in the required space, click on the Register button to Sign Up.
  • Open the Installed BBC iPlayer app on your device.
  • Enter the Sign In credentials on the given box.

That’s all, and Now you can select your favourite shows or required content on the app and start streaming the BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV.

Alternative Method to Get BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV:

If you already know about the Screencasting method, you can skip this topic. Follow the steps to know th screencasting method using your Android device.

  • Connect your Android and Samsung Smart TV with an identical Internet connection.
  • Launch the Web Browser app on your Android Smart TV.
  • Click the search icon and search for the BBC iPlayer Official Site.
  • Open the website on your screen and Sign In using the credentials.
  • Select any video content from the streaming service and play it on your device.
  • Navigate to the Control panel of your Android device.
  • And click the Cast icon from the option.
  • Your Android device asks you to choose the Streaming device.
  • Click on the Samsung Smart TV name and tap the connect option.

Within 10 to 30 seconds, your Android device is screening on your Samsung Smart TV display. This is the alternative way to watch the BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV. You can also cast the live programming and your internal photos and videos on your TV screen. If your Smart TV doesn’t have Chrome Browser, then click this link Google Chrome on Samsung Smart TV to know the procedure to download the chrome browser on your respective Smart TV.

Our Final Notes:

Install BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TV from App Store and Sign In using Credentials. Then stream your favourite content on the streaming service on your respective Smart television device.

If you like to get the app on your Android device, you can’t because the required streaming service is not available on Android devices. Instead of that, you can access its official website. The steps are given in the above topic. Scroll down and click on the Smart TV option and learn more about apps and installations for your TV.

The official URL for this IPTV service is