How to Creatively Promote Your Live Stream?

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Nowadays, most bloggers prefer YouTube, the most popular video hosting in the world, for live streams. In this article, we will tell you how to promote live streams on YouTube, what live video marketing tips exist, and how to increase your audience on YouTube using the best ways of live stream promotion.

The Best Tools For Live Streams

To figure out how to promote a stream on YouTube, you should start by creating quality products that viewers will like. Let’s deal with the technical part.

A special video encoder is not needed to broadcast using a webcam or a phone with an operating system of at least iOS 8. If you are going to use a camera, microphone, or other external equipment for streaming, then you need to download the program. There are many of them, but most bloggers use the following:

  • Streamlabs obs. This free software has a simple interface and compatibility with any software: Windows, Android and iOS. It also has a built-in donate button.
  • XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster. Two programs from the same manufacturer, tailored for different purposes – XSplit Gamecaster is more suitable for gaming streams. The program is paid, but it has a free trial, plus it allows you to live stream on multiple platforms at once, such as YouTube and Twitch.
  • Wirecast. An advanced program with which you can stream from some cameras, add special effects, etc.

Special Settings For Live Stream

Before you start recording and promoting a stream on YouTube, you need to activate this option in the channel settings in the Status and Features tab. Please note that only users with at least 1,000 subscribers can stream.

After activation, you will most likely have to wait 24 hours, during which the YouTube administration will ask you to verify your phone number and check if you have had any recent violations.

After that, you can set up the upcoming broadcast to your liking: select the date, access, the ability to comment, etc. YouTube will automatically generate a broadcast key for you, which is useful for the video encoder.

How to prepare to stream

If you are new to live streaming, then follow these rules:

  • Write a rough script for the stream and the topics you want to talk about. This will help you if you suddenly get confused.
  • Rehearse in front of a mirror, or better still, record a test video to help you identify any technical audio or video problems ahead of time.
  • Prepare a good location or backdrop for your shoot.

Different ways to creatively promote your live stream on YouTube

Just launching a broadcast is not enough. You still need to attract viewers. The following life hacks will help with this.

  1. If you decide to start a stream, it means that you already have at least 1,000 subscribers – they are your main audience at the moment, so try to engage them actively. To promote a stream on YouTube, record its teaser and publish it on your channel as an announcement.
  2. A good way to promote your broadcast on YouTube is to share a link to it on all your active social networks.
  3. YouTube itself helps in the promotion of streams with the help of the tips function. Activate them, and YouTube will advertise your upcoming broadcast absolutely free of charge in your own videos. You can do this in the “Live broadcasts” menu in the “Advanced settings” tab.
  4. If possible, collaborate with another blogger. This is a win-win option on how to promote a stream on YouTube, which will attract an audience of two channels at once to the broadcast.
  5. To promote a stream on YouTube, it will be useful to optimize it for a search engine in advance: specify the desired video category, add tags, hashtags and a description. Use linkbuilding. Read information about software for submissions and go to the article to find out more information regarding this topic. 
  6. A good way to promote a stream on YouTube is a lead magnet, that is, attracting the attention of viewers for some kind of reward. It can be a free webinar recording, a copy of an e-book, a discount in an online store, etc. The main thing is that the gift fits the theme of your stream.
  7. How to promote an already launched stream on YouTube? Create activity through communication with viewers. Answer their questions live, create a poll, or invite them to give their opinion in the comments.


Don’t forget about how to advertise your stream on YouTube after it ends. Some of the potential viewers may not have been able to watch your stream live, but they will appreciate it with pleasure after. Therefore, be sure to save the recording of the broadcast on your channel. Also, post the stream link on your social media and create an engaging video description highlighting the key and most interesting moments of the broadcast in order to intrigue new viewers and attract them to your next online streams.

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