Google Chrome on Samsung Smart TV- Best Alternatives

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If you want to know anything, then what will we do? Yes, of course, we would surf on the internet browser. Web Browser will provide you many informations about current criteria. There are many web browsers available, but today we will going to explain about Google Chrome on Samsung smart TV.  If it is compatible with your Samsung smart TV, what are the ways to get it on your device? Everything we will let you know through this guide.

Therefore, Google Chrome is not compatible with Samsung smart TV. Then we should move to the alternative ways to get it. Here we will show you some methods and techniques to get Google Chrome on your Samsung smart TV by reading the below session.

How to Add Google Chrome to Samsung smart TV?

If Google Chrome is not supported on your Samsung TV, we should look for other ways to get it on your TV.

  • Use the Streaming device to get Chrome via HDMI port to Samsung TV.
  • With the help of a USB drive, install Chrome on Samsung TV.
  • Miracast Chrome on Samsung TV using wireless and wired.

These are the three ways that you can get the Google Chrome web browser on your Samsung smart TV. Also, read DAZN on Samsung Smart TV

#1. Use the streaming device to add Chrome to Samsung TV

Using Google Chromecast to get Chrome on Samsung TV:

You can use the Google Chromecast streaming device for your Samsung smart TV to get the Chrome web browser. Then use the given steps to get it right now on your TV.

In case you are using Google Chrome from your Windows, then choose the cast option to send anything that shows on your desktop to your Samsung smart TV using Chromecast.

To add the browser, you need to connect your Chromecast to your Samsung smart TV using an HDMI cable. Check out this  Acorn TV on Samsung Smart TV.

⋙ Navigate to Settings and Activate casting from your Chrome.

⋙ Chrome will appear on your Windows screen from your Samsung smart TV.

⋙ Next, you should go through the pages and unfold them on a single browser tile.

⋙ Suppose you open or close the tab. You will need to detach and attach Chromecast to view the new tile from your TV screen.

⋙ Therefore you can cast your Windows screen on your Samsung smart TV via Chromecast.

So you can able to use the Chrome browser on your TV as per your wish.

Chrome on Samsung TV Via Apple TV:

However, Apple TV also doesn’t have a web browser. Rather than you can get it from your iPhone or iPad devices by using the AirWeb app, also, you can use the Airplay method to screen mirror the Air Web Chrome browser using the Apple TV that is linked to your Samsung smart TV.

Certainly, you can use Airplay on your macOS screen to link with your Apple TV devices. Moreover, there are some web browsers included in your Apple TV to appear on your Samsung smart TV.

Chrome on Samsung TV Via Android TV Box:

⋙⋙ Head to your Android TV box on your Samsung TV.

⋙⋙ Now turn on the unknown sources feature in your Android TV box.

⋙⋙ Further, get the Puffin TV, Sideload Launcher and File manager apps to your Android TV box.

⋙⋙ Then connect them all and launch the Puffin TV app.

⋙⋙ Get the Aptoide TV store from your Puffin TV to your Android TV box.

⋙⋙ Now open the Aptoide TV from your Android TV box with the help of Sideload launcher.

⋙⋙ Next, look for Google Chrome and then choose them in your Aptoide TV from the Android TV box.

Using Amazon Fire TV:

Amazon Firestick has two web browsers natively that are Silk and Firefox. It is more convenient to use rather than the Samsung TV browser. After the installation, this app will view on your home screen as Firefox and Internet Silk browser. 

Firefox and Silk browser offers one feature on your Firestick device you can use the navigation bar on your Fire TV remote. Also, you can avail Alexa commands for the web search.

Though bookmarking certain pages and savings passwords is still not included in the Firestick device on the Firefox browser. Though you can see images and content which you can’t able to downlaod it. The Firestick device model of your Firefox seems to have various than the desktop version.

Silk browser only displays only on two screens. From the left side of your silk browser’s home page and then lets you the right side of your default Bing search engine.

It offers more convenience for surfing content and searching websites. If you close the silk browser, you will be able to get the page which you previously opened automatically whenever you open it. However, in Firefox, you won’t be able to downlaod photos or any other media by using the silk browser. Refer to this article  Sky Sports Box Office on Samsung Smart TV.

#2. Get Chrome on Samsung TV via USB Drive:

Using this method, you can choose to install Google Chrome on your Samsung smart TV with the help of the USB Drive. In order to get it on your TV, you should want to enable the Install Apps from Unknown Sources from your Samsung smart TV.

⋙ First of all, install the Chrome APK file from your Windows or macOS.

⋙ Further, attach a USB drive to your Windows device.

⋙ Next, copy the Chrome apk file from your device through the USB drive.

⋙ After that, detach the USB drive on your desktop.

⋙ Then install the File Manager from your Samsung smart TV.

⋙ Connect the USB drive to your TV and pick the exact input source.

⋙ Click on the Input key using your Samsung TV remote.

⋙ Therefore move towards the folder section, which Chrome apk file moved from your USB drive.

⋙ Again install the Google Chrome web browser to your Samsung TV using the USB driver.

Now detach your USB drive from your TV and surf on your Chrome browser using your TV.

#3. Miracast Chrome on Samsung TV:

Mostly you can get a wireless screen mirroring from wifi on desktops or smartphones. You can mediate any web browser or display the screen from your smartphone, smart TV or desktop.

Screen Mirroring is also called Wifi Direct or Wireless Miracast. If any of the app or browser doesn’t support your device, then you can make it possible by using these indirect methods. Enabling the features may vary from the manufacturing of the device year and series.

Mandatory Procedures:

Enable Screen Mirroring features on your Samsung TV

  1. Hit the source key using the TV remote >> choose screen mirroring.
  2. Choose Menu >> pick Network >> Screen Mirroring.
  3. Go to the Menu >> Network >> Expert Settings >> Wifi Direct.

Note: You should also activate the screen mirror method on your Samsung smart TV. Also, you should need to enable them on your smartphone and desktop or laptop. 

Miracast Chrome on Samsung using Smartphone:

⋙⋙ Initially, set up your Samsung TV and Smartphone to a standard Internet.

⋙⋙ Further, pull down to your notification panel.

⋙⋙Then tap on the Screen Mirroring icon.

⋙⋙ After that, it will show you a list of available devices.

⋙⋙ You need to choose the Samsung TV from the list.

⋙⋙ Now your mobile screen will vie on your TV screen.

⋙⋙ Finally, you can browse using Chrome on your smartphone, and it reflects on your TV.

Cast from Windows to your Samsung TV:

⋙⋙ Navigate to the settings section from your windows.

⋙⋙ Now go to the Bluetooth or other device and then choose to Add.

⋙⋙ It will redirect you to an Add a device page.

⋙⋙ Now your desktop will scan for the available devices, then choose your Samsung TV on the listed devices.

⋙⋙ Once it connects to your TV then, it will view on your TV screen.

Wrapping Up:

Google Chrome web browser is not available on the Samsung smart TV. So we have mentioned the possible methods from the above guide so try to get the Chrome browser on your Samsung smart TV using the methods. Still, if you have any queries or questions regarding Google Chrome on Samsung smart TV, let me know in the comment section.

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